What I’m Working on Now*

Hi, I’m Chris Harvey and here are my top priorities right now:

  • Raising two small humans
  • Living with my family in the South Bay (LA) since July 2020
  • Helping emerging fund managers on their fund formations & venture deals
  • Working on becoming a better writer at Law of VC (Twitter: @LawofVC).
  • Applying lessons learned from Write of Passage (Cohort #5).
  • Connecting with like minded people who are interested in fund law, venture capital or LegalTech

The above are my most important parts of my life. In general, my projects do not veer too far off of the items listed above.

It would be great to hear from you! Please email me and let’s connect. Click here for connecting on work matters (harveyesq.com).

*The “Now” webpage concept was borrowed from John Lanza, who got the original idea from Derek Sivers

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Last updated: [[February 25th, 2023]]